Laser hair removal is celebrated as an outstanding method for removing unwanted hair. It is suitable for most areas of the body that feature significant hair growth.

Each laser hair removal candidate is thoroughly examined by a seasoned practitioner at The Kopelson Clinic to determine if the procedure is the right course of treatment for permanent hair removal Beverly Hills. Factors such as heritage, skin type, and side effects from previous treatments are taken into account to determine candidacy. If you are indeed a candidate for laser hair removal, know The Kopelson Clinic performs the safest, most effective treatments in the Beverly Hills area. Only state-of-the-art lasers are utilized to perform the procedure.

All Skin Types

When you choose The Kopelson Clinic for permanent hair removal West Hollywood, you’ll be paired with the best laser for your skin type. Not all lasers work the same way, and some treatment programs are much more involved than others. It’s also important to note that some skin types react badly to certain lasers. We at The Kopelson Clinic will ensure the laser used is the best one for you, and emphasize that we have lasers usable on all skin types and colors.

How It Works

The hair removal laser works by producing light absorbed by the hair follicle’s pigment. This subsequently creates heat, which damages if not destroys the follicle.

Expert Technicians

Our staff is very skilled in laser hair removal procedures. You’ll receive only the highest level of care and attention tailored to your specific hair removal needs.

Why The Expense?

You might wonder about the expense of our laser removal treatments. Our treatments are more expensive because they are performed at a medical office rather than a medspa or laser center. Each procedure is under the direction and guidance of board-certified dermatologists, with treatments performed by a registered nurse boasting over seven years’ experience in the field. The lasers we use in our office were carefully selected by Dr. Kopelson and provide the best results.

Four to Eight

Four to eight treatments are required to achieve the beautiful results you want.

Schedule Consultation

We are usually able to schedule consultations within one to two business days. Cosmetic procedures such Botox/Dysport, Injectable Fillers, and Sclerotherapy can be performed during the appointment. Laser treatments for hair removal, skin tightening, or resurfacing can be scheduled within one to two weeks. Surgical procedures are usually scheduled within one to two weeks after the initial consultation.