The Kopelson Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA is pleased to offer outstanding Botox treatments among other non-invasive anti-aging procedures that allow patients to postpone if not cancel assorted plastic surgeries.

Renowned as some of the best skin specialists in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kopelson and his amazing staff remain dedicated to helping each patient achieve a beautiful, youthful appearance. They offer the highest-quality Botox, and have the skill and experience to ensure the stunning results patients crave without the need for surgery and weeks of painful recovery time.

The Best Clinic For Botox in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a wealthy California city functioning as a home base for many celebrities. Also known by its famous 90210 zip code, Beverly Hills features a warm, Mediterranean climate, plenty of sizable homes, and a number of premier hotels.

The city also includes a variety of attractions, including the Greystone Mansion, Harold Lloyd Estate, Electric Fountain, Beverly Gardens Park, and Franklin Canyon Park, and has been featured in numerous television series and films. These include Beverly Hills Cop, The Beverly Hillbillies, Troop Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills 90210, The Jack Benny Program, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Clueless, and The Slums of Beverly Hills among many others.

Beverly Hills Loves The Kopelson Clinic

Whether looking for a reputable clinic to perform Beverly Hills Botox injections or are interested in another non-invasive cosmetic procedure, the staff at The Kopelson Clinic is always ready to help Beverly Hills and surrounding-area patients achieve the looks they desire. The clinic is continually celebrated for producing outstanding results and helping both women and men regain their self-confidence and enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Why Botox?

  • Beautiful, youthful, dramatic results within a few days
  • Results last up to six months
  • No recovery time–Botox is a fast outpatient procedure
  • Botox treatment and diagnosis by board-certified dermatologists
  • Botox for excessive sweating
  • Botox for migraines
  • Non-surgical brow lift
  • Crow’s feet treatment
  • Smoker’s lines treatment
  • Droopy mouth corners treatment
  • Horizontal forehead line treatment
  • And more!

When you receive Botox for wrinkles, excessive sweating, or migraines at The Kopelson Clinic in Beverly Hills, you can relax knowing you aren’t getting the watered-down version commonly used at day spas. Low Botox prices are generally a clear indication of diluted versions, which do not last nearly as long as the quality version available through your local skin specialists. Watered-down Botox is also less efficient, and may spread in a way that proves harmful.

The staff at The Kopelson Clinic is dedicated to providing patients with the highest-quality Botox possible and make it their business to prevent complications. Should complications arise due to an allergic reaction or similar issue, doctors and staff emphasize contacting the clinic immediately.

Since 1991

Drs. Kopelson and Feldman have administered Botox since 1991. The board-certified dermatologists have also administered Dysport, another injectable toxin, since 2009. Both doctors pride themselves on providing patients with the professional, effective results they want and need.

Top 10 Beverly Hills Attractions

  • The Beverly Hills Hotel
  • Will Rogers Memorial Park
  • Franklin Canyon Park
  • Greystone Mansion
  • Virginia Robinson Gardens
  • Beverly Gardens Park
  • Electric Fountain
  • Harold Lloyd Estate
  • Beverly Hills Public Library
  • Pickfair

Effective Botox Treatments in Beverly Hills

Dr. Kopelson and Dr. Feldman have performed thousands of Botox injections to date, and are always happy to answer patient queries. Discuss your reasons for wanting Botox with the friendly team at The Kopelson Clinic and discover whether you’re a viable candidate for this innovative and highly-effective procedure. If you are not a Botox candidate for some reason, there’s plenty of other alternatives available through the clinic for achieving a youthful appearance.

Treat your wrinkles without the invasive surgery and long recovery period! For more information about Botox and other anti-aging services, please contact The Kopelson Clinic today.